Spaced repetition for software developers

Spaced repetition for software developers



Spaced repetition is a technique used to memorize something in the long term with minimum effort. It’s used in a wide variety of disciplines such as Medicine and Research and all other fields.

It consists on learning something and reviewing it just before your mind would forget it. You guessed, that’s never going to end.

But the good news is that every time you review it (at the right time), you tend to remember it for a longer period of time. Yaay!

Why should I care?

Nice information. But why me? I don’t need to remember stuff when I have google and stackoverflow next to me! And apis and libraries change all the time. That would be a waste of my time to remember all this stuff. Plus reviewing is boring.

Wow. A lot of arguments here. Let’s answer them one by one.

1. Why should I remember stuff when I’ve got the internet

First, keep in mind that I don’t remember stuff just for the sake of it. And I don’t advise you to do so.

Instead, I’m running an experiment on myself to use spaced repetition to improve and perfect my software coding process.
In a nutshell, I want to trigger all my knowledge for an aspect of a coding task whenever I perform it. And I’ll let my brain do the work of connecting the neurons holding the information in order to innovate and perform better every single time.

tl;dr: I’ll focus on mu current task, and let my brain handle performance and progress.

2. Information changes constantly

Yes it does. But if you don’t exercise your brain, you will always be left behind. Here is how to overcome this:

Review your knowledge periodically. That’s a very useful exercise for you.

Remember, your brain not only stores information. But it digests it. Which makes learning and forgetting something not a null substraction but a fruitful one.

3. Reviewing is boring

Yes, it is … Unless you make TikTok videos from it.
Instead of scrolling the facebook feed, you get to scroll your knowledge feed and actually gain something from watching videos.

And that’s it. This is my next experiment. First video below this beautiful building.